Important Periodontics Treatments

Posted on: June 8, 2016


As an Arleta, CA periodontics office, we encourage our patients to visit us on a regular basis in order to have their teeth cleaned. This is a critical step in preventing gum disease, a serious condition that can eventually lead to tooth loss. Preventive care is in your best interest because it will allow you to receive the ongoing support you need to maintain healthy teeth and gums, which will further enable you to maintain your adult teeth throughout your lifetime. If it has been awhile since you have scheduled a routine examination, we encourage you to call (818) 473-1142 and schedule an appointment with our Arleta dental office. During that examination, we can identify any signs of gum disease, and if we do see any, we will recommend scheduling a deep cleaning appointment.

A deep cleaning is different from a traditional teeth cleaning because, in this treatment, we go below the surface of the gums in order to remove the plaque that has built up on the tooth structure there. Unfortunately, this is an area that cannot be targeted with standard teeth brushing and flossing at home or with a basic dental cleaning. A deep cleaning requires more time and must be completed carefully by an experienced dentist. This will ensure that the plaque and tartar are removed without causing your gum tissue any unnecessary irritation.

Why You Need a Deep Cleaning From an Arleta, CA Periodontics Office

As a periodontics office, we have additional training when it comes to performing procedures on the gums. This is something we do on a regular basis, and as with anything, the more frequently you perform the procedure, the more skilled you will be at doing so. We are confident that when our 91331 patients schedule a deep cleaning with our periodontics office, the procedure will be completed in a way that is as gentle as possible and allows for the fastest recovery time. If you live in the Arleta area and know that you are suffering from gum disease, it is to your advantage to schedule an appointment with our office versus a dentist who only performs a deep cleaning on occasion.

When visiting our office for a deep cleaning, we will ensure that you remain comfortable the entire time. We provide our 91331 patients with sedation or anesthesia so they can relax and feel comfortable. This will prevent you from feeling any unnecessary dental anxiety and ensure that you have a positive experience overall. Once the plaque and tartar have been scraped off your teeth underneath the gums, your gum tissue will begin to return to good health. This happens rather naturally, and as long as gum disease is caught in its early stages, this is likely all you will need in order to experience complete healing.

Schedule an Appointment With United Family Dental Group

To get started or to schedule an appointment, call (818) 473-1142. At United Family Dental Group, we will be happy to assist you and ensure that your gums remain in optimal health.

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