5 Things You Need To Know When A Child Has A Loose Tooth

Posted on: January 16, 2018

Loose ToothA loose tooth is a big deal for a youngster. Your child is probably excited and anxious about this happening. However, you might be worried about possible complications resulting from the loose tooth. Here is a look at what every parent needs to know about their child’s loose tooth.

A loose tooth is no reason to panic

A child will undoubtedly be nervous about his or her loose tooth. There will be some pain that is perfectly natural. This pain is not a cause for concern unless the child complains of considerable discomfort, refuses to eat/brush or experiences gum swelling. Otherwise, stay the course. The parent’s role is to provide the child with encouragement.

Parents need to let the child know that it is acceptable to wiggle the baby tooth in a gentle manner and eat and brush in a normal fashion. If the child is adamant the tooth pain is causing discomfort, consider giving him or her ibuprofen prior to bedtime.

Do not yank the tooth

If the parent steps in and tries to remove the child’s loose baby tooth on his or her own, it might lead to some serious problems. If the parent tries to pull the tooth before it is ready to come out, the child might experience considerable bleeding and pain. Premature pulling can even break the tooth’s root and leave a space that allows for bacteria to accumulate. It is even possible the pulled tooth will cause an infection.

It might take several months for your child’s loose tooth to fall out on its own

It can take upwards of two months for a loose tooth to fall out or reach the point at which it can be pulled without causing considerable pain or damage. If the baby tooth is loose for more than a couple months, it is time to reach out to us for professional assistance.

In some cases, the dentist’s assistance will not be necessary

In general, it is advisable to consult with us about oral health matters. However, the assistance of the dentist probably will not be necessary if the child’s tooth loosens in a natural manner. If an external force loosens the child’s tooth or if he or she has considerable pain, it makes sense to reach out to us. Otherwise, a tooth that loosens on its own will almost surely fall out on its own without the assistance of an oral health professional.

Loose tooth can be a cause for concern

There are several reasons to consult with a child’s dentist aside from considerable pain resulting from a loose tooth. If the child is experiencing extreme discomfort during the teething process, contact us. Furthermore, if a child’s teeth start to loosen before the age of five, the attention of an oral health professional will be necessary.

The majority of children lose the bottom front teeth before the ones at the top. If a back tooth or top tooth loosens or falls out before others, reach out to us for an evaluation.

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