5 Signs A Child May Need Professional Dental Care

Posted on: January 2, 2018

ChildIf your little one states, “My tooth hurts,” do not assume it is a childish exaggeration. It is no secret that kids tend to embellish their discomfort to garner attention from mom, dad and others. However, any type of complaint from your child regarding tooth pain is cause for concern.

There are additional reasons beyond tooth pain to bring your little one to the dentist. Here is a look at the top five signs your child requires prompt professional dental care.

1. A Toothache

A child who exclaims, “My tooth hurts!” might be complaining of a toothache. Any type of throbbing tooth pain is your child’s body’s way of communicating something is seriously wrong. Even if your child is embellishing his or her pain, a visit to the dentist will identify the true source of discomfort, whether it is a toothache or another oral health issue.

2. Gum Irritation

A little one who complains of painful gums following the brushing process is suffering from gum irritation that requires the attention of a professional dentist. Anything from swollen gums to bleeding gums or reddened gums is cause for concern.

Gum irritation is a sign of gingivitis or another oral health problem. Bring your child to the dentist for a full examination, assessment and treatment as soon as you can.

3. Brown or White Spots on the Teeth

White, brown or chalk-like spotting on your little one’s teeth is a major cause for concern. If you notice such spotting, it is an indication dental caries are starting to form. If you spot a tooth in your child’s mouth that appears to be turning black, brown or another dark hue, schedule an appointment with your dentist right away.

The same is true for broken tooth fragments. Do not underestimate these signs of an underlying oral health problem. Tooth decay has the potential to advance incredibly quickly.

4. Abnormal Tooth Sensitivity

Do not shrug off complaints about tooth sensitivity. Though human teeth are sensitive to extremely hot and cold temperatures, excessive sensitivity is a sign of an underlying issue. A child who states, “My tooth hurts!" after eating or drinking is likely sensitive to hot or cold foods and beverages.

This sensitivity is a red flag for dental caries. Your child might have a cavity. Meet with us to determine if a cavity is forming or if it already there.

5. Delayed Tooth Emergence or Other Issues With Tooth Emergence

If your child’s adult teeth are not breaking through the gums or if there are problems with such tooth emergence, contact your dentist for an assessment. In some cases, the adult tooth can’t force the baby tooth out. It might be necessary for the dentist to intervene.

It is also possible for adult teeth to emerge in a crooked fashion or with other problems. If this occurs, bring your child to the dentist for a comprehensive examination and assessment.

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